How To Have More Free Time Than You Know What To Do With
Good News: when feeling overwhelmed and stressed, working harder is NOT the answer.

Have you NOT YET achieved the lifestyle that you were hoping for when you first started your business?

This book explains how Ryan Walsh cut his workweek from 60+ hours to 20... and how you can too.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Immediately reclaim several hours per day of your LIFE back
  • Feel calm and capable instead of rushed and overwhelmed
  • Do only what you LOVE (rather than anything that requires willpower)
  • Completely control your schedule rather than feel like your calendar is your boss
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  • Ryan is a person who can come in and help you reframe your ideas and create helpful habits that wouldn't have even occurred to you to create.”

    Sonia Rodriguez

    Owner, Sonia Rodriguez Beauty
  • It's a results-based plan to create the life that you want and feel more fulfilled in your relationships by doing work that doesn't feel like work.”

    Shirley Solis

    Creator of The Youngpreneur Program
  • Ryan provides you with hope and very simple and doable concepts that you can see have tremendous impact on your time."

    Kelly Hagen

    Director of International Business Development at Dealmoon
  • Ryan helps people get focused, become more productive, figure out their priorities, and allow more hours in a day.”

    Wayne Bennett

    Owner of Disaster Survival Skills, LLC

Ryan Walsh

Katie VanBuskirk, Ph.D.

About the Authors

The Power Couple
Ryan and Katie work out of their beautiful home near Sail Bay and the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California.

Ryan Walsh is a coach who teaches business owners how to double their productivity so they can work half as many hours.  Using proven strategies from positive psychology and personal development, he shows business owners how to work less yet achieve more.

After graduating from Princeton University, he worked with finance and technology companies before becoming a coach.

Dr. Katie VanBuskirk teaches business owners how to tap into their own higher power to transform beliefs that are limiting their performance. To every single client, Katie brings her unique blend of science-backed expertise, universal spiritual principles, and belief in unlimited human potential.

She has traveled far and wide to study with top experts in psychology and has been educated and trained at Vassar College, Oxford University, Yale University, and University of California, San Diego.